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Bicultural Identity

What is Bicultural Identity?

Bicultural Identity is when an individual identifies as being of more than one culture.  There are many ways this may happen for people, whether they were raised in another country, have two parents from seperate cultures, or have parents that immigrated from one culture to another.  

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How Dr. Peterson works with individuals identifying as Bicultural.

Dr. Peterson has extensive experience working with young adults who are navigating what it means to be an individual who is of two or more cultures.  He approaches counseling for individuals looking at bicultural identity with a multicultural lens, honoring both cultures.  Clients find after working with him they are able to navigate their multiple cultures more smoothly and authentically show up as themselves in moving towards a life where being present in both cultures can be done. 

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How might Bicultural Identity impact me?

Individuals who are bicultural may experience life as if they are a part of multiple worlds and need to code-switch between them.  This could be an actual change in the language they speak, how they talk with one another, and how they experience thoughts and feelings, depending on what environment they are in. The changes may be easy to manage and fluid, or hard and difficult. 

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Bicultural Identity formation

Finding out who we are as people takes time and reflection, more so for individuals who grow and develop in multiple environments and cultures.  Bicultural identity formation happens in stages with often one cultural identity being favored over another.  There are multiple stages of development within bicultural identity formation and Dr. Peterson brings these to the counseling room.

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