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mens issues

American Football Player

navigating male identity

Men experience unique pressures in today's world.  whether that is the need to perform, provide, and excel with a strait face, or an expectation from others to be stoic and emotionless.  Navigating what it means to be a man and developing a perspective that lets you live the life you want, and have the full spectrum of emotions is often a challenging task.  Dr. Peterson has years of experience working with men to talk through the challenges of being a man.

communicating effectively

Men are often told in relationships that they need to communicate better, or be more open to their emotions.  This experience feels dismissive to men who may not have been socialized to understand and interpret their thoughts and emotions to others.  American work and productivity culture have placed a barrier between men and the ability to effectively express their emotions.  Dr. Peterson helps men to identify what their emotions are and develop plans for communication whether that is in the office or at home.

Face Against the Wall
Pedestrians from an Ariel View


One of the core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is acceptance of reality.  Essentially, when people avoid their emotions it exacerbates them and makes them worse.  Men in our culture are trained to avoid their emotional experience and only show emotions such as anger, hunger, or boredom.  One of which isn't even an emotion.  Dr. Peterson can work with you to treat emotions as an experience to live with an in, opening up a fulfilling life with a greater depth of emotional and relational connection. 

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