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Teenagers and young adults are going through quite a few unique problems in our world right now.  Whether it is high performance education, what looks to be a hopeless future, or increased difficulty of finding connection, often teenagers and young adults are managing a lot of stressors in a world that does not feel very forgiving.  Counseling adolescents should take into account these nuanced considerations when providing care. 

Dr Peterson's experience working with adolescents and young adults

Dr. Peterson has focused much of his counseling experience working with young adults and adolescents helping them to find hope, healing, and direction for what they want in their adult life.  He has over ten years experience specifically catered to assisting teenagers and young adults.  He has served as the director of counseling services at two separate universities and as clinical director of a youth and family program.

Dr. Peterson approaches working with teenagers and young adult similarly to how he would treat adults, as people attempting to do their best in the world with all of the skills they have available to themselves.  He provides counseling to teenagers treating them with respect, dignity, and independence and encourages them in the counseling and growth process. He approaches counseling teenagers and young adults from a developmental perspective while incorporating elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as Collaborative Problem Solving. 

Dr. Peterson enjoys working with teens and young adults navigate launching into adult.  Please contact him today for an inquiry on starting counseling. 

Teenagers in Park
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