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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling aims to help couples resolve issues to reconnect and find a way forward that is congruent with each other's values.  Dr. Peterson employs the Gottman Assessment, "The Relationship Checkup" to identify areas of growth and change. The assessment is a research-driven measure that helps identify areas that need to be addressed to help a relationship thrive.  Dr. Peterson's approach is designed to help couples navigate their challenges and strengthen their relationship.

What to expect in Couples Counseling

When couples first request to attend counseling with Dr. Peterson, he will send them a link to complete the Gottman Assessment, which will provide a detailed report on areas of your relationship.  He will use this assessment to develop a plan with you to work on growth areas to enhance your partnership, intimacy, and vulnerability to help guide your relationship toward a shared path. 

Bride and Groom

Couples Counseling through the whole relationship

Relationships grow and change just as we do.  When different phases of life happen such as career change, having children, a large move, or the deaths of loved ones, our relationships often are the first to feel the stressors.  Dr. Peterson works with couples throughout all stages of relationships, whether that is clients recently together or those who have been together for forty years.  Each stage of life and relationship has its unique issues that may arise, and Dr. Peterson will help connect you with relationship-building knowledge and wisdom to help grow your connection.

Couple in Raincoats

LGBTQ+ Affirming Couples Counseling

Couples in the LGBTQ+ communities often find it challenging to locate a couples counselor who is affirming of their identities and relationship as well as trained in the knowledge of the similarities and differences present in relationships within the LGBTQ+ communities.  Dr. Peterson has training and experience working with couples who identify as LGBTQ+ and provides affirming care for their needs. 

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Couples counseling and fees

Couples counseling is often not covered under insurance plans.  All couples counseling with Dr. Peterson is out of pocket without the possibility of a superbill.  Additionally, the "Relationship Check-up" assessment costs $149 per couple.  Once a couple has completed the assessment, they have access to the entire Gottman module library to work on their relationship in addition to the work in couples counseling.   

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